Put Away a Return

As a MSL Agent, you have the ability to put away returns that have been received and processed.

Navigate to Put Away
Scan Return Label

To begin the Put Away process, scan a return label.

After scanning a return label, the item associated with the return label will display the item description, SKU, and condition.

Assign this item to an LPN by scanning any LPN. Once an LPN has been assigned you will be required to scan a Put Away Location

*LPNs already in the system will not require scanning the Put Away Location.

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Review Put Away Details

Once all required fields have been scanned, the ‘Complete Put Away’ button will activate and turn blue. Click to complete Put Away.

After the LPN is Put Away, you will be taken back to the Put Away ‘Scan Return Label’ view.

You will receive a confirmation toast at the bottom of the screen stating the ‘material successfully put away’.

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Put Away a Return
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