Unstaged Deployments

As a MSL Agent, you have the ability to stage deployments.

CAPX Material

Navigate to Unstaged Deployments

(Blue indicator represents the number of pending deployments.)

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Understanding Unstaged Deployments

All deployments are in order by date with the most current date at the top of the page.

Staging Deployments

Select the ‘Staging’ button when material is ready to be deployed for an authorized pick-up.

Staging Deployments

Expand the pallet to see material details. Refer to the list below:

*Material MUST be validated in order to deploy for pick-up.

Staging Deployments

After pressing the ‘Stage’ button on the previous screen the user is asked to confirm the decision of staging a deployment.

*Once a deployment has been staged, it cannot be unstaged.

Staged Deploymetnt Confirmation

After confirming deployment, you will be taken back to the ‘Home’ screen. Once a deployment has been staged it will move to ‘Pending Deployments’.

*Pick-ups will be shown in ‘Pending Deployments’ a day before OR on the day of deployment.

A message will appear on the home screen to show that a deployment has been staged and is now awaiting pick-up.

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