Inventory Management made simple.


Inventory Management

Orchestrating the flow of goods through your company is a continuous cycle of ordering, storing, producing, selling, and restocking goods. AIMSPlus Inventory allows users to manage inventory at an aggregate level while also accounting for the nuances of the individual item. AIMSPlus reduces the average inventory days-on-hand through better data quality and visibility for your employees and customers. AIMSPlus automated drone inventory counts by location reduce manual cycle counts and provide daily inventory levels. Regular capacity reporting and inventory level analysis optimizes your warehouse honeycomb and utilization percentages.

AIMSPlus Inventory empowers your organization to make policies and broad level decisions that keep you moving while also providing the inventory controls which are crucial in validating goods on hand, status of product and individual order tracking. Contact us to learn more about how AIMSPlus Inventory can simplify your business.

Increased Count

Minimized Shrink

Daily Automated Cycle Counts

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