In Progress Deployments

As a MSL Agent, you have the ability to view deployments in progress of being deployed based on the date and time.

In-progress deployments have been accepted by the GC and subcontractor to the MSL Agent for deployment.

CAPX Material

Navigate to In Progress Deployments

(Blue indicator represents the number of pending deployments.)

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In Progress Deployments Process

Click on the corrent in progress deployment card.

Each card represents a deployment. All deployments have:

In Progress Deployments Process

After selecting a deployment card on the previous screen, users must sign the deployment in order to complete the deployment.

Users have the ablility to view the deployment authorization number, GC company, number of pallets, date, time, site kits, MSL information, and MSL signature.

In Progress Deployments Process

Users will digitally sign for the deployment, replacing the physical signature on the packing slip.

After signing, select done to save your signature.

In Progress Deployments Process

After digitally signing for the deployment, users have the ability to review the deployment information.

Select the ‘Deploy Sitekits’ button to complete the deployment.

This will deploy the material in AIMS.

*Do not go to AIMS and deploy.

In Progress Deployments Process

Message will appear on the home screen to show that a deployment has been completed and has now been released to the GC’s custody.

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