Speed, Simplicity, Results.

About Us

Why AIMSPlus+?

AIMSPlus Software is laser focused on creating software that provides tangible impacts for our clients and customers. Our solutions in Warehouse Management (WMS) and Supply Chain Logistics are defined by their speed-to-use implementations and are designed to improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase inventory and product visibility.

Company Overview

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, AIMSPlus is challenging the standard of Warehouse Management and Supply Chain Logistics. Combining cutting-edge technology, the Power of Data and Limitless Innovation AIMSPlus wants to redefine the warehousing experience while simplifying the software used to do so. Creating advanced software with a simple and convenient user interface drives our delivery model. We champion innovative ideas like embedding robotics and conveyors into existing pick & pack models, creating autonomous drone inventory cycle counts, utilizing improved data, and leading data science models to generate optimized cubing and honeycomb models and providing ease of access mobile technology. The warehouse and supply chain model are shifting and AIMSPlus has emerged to keep businesses thriving by automating manual processes, adding preventative controls to keep your mind at ease and delivering tangible results every week! Reach out to see what advances AIMSPlus can bring to your organization.

Executive Team

Christo Makrides
Managing Partner
Jared Krumper
Bruce Pilling
Chris Clark
Ben Huber
VP of Engineering

Customers with an urgent need after normal business hours please contact 866-775-4438 for service.