Invite a Subcontractor

As a GC, you have the ability to invite a subcontractor to sign-up for the app.

Navigate to Invite a Subcontractor

Click the menu from any page to pull out quick access to ‘Invite a Subcontractor’ and other features.

Select ‘Invite a Subcontractor’ to be

Click on ‘Invite a Subcontractor’ to begin the process.

Invite a Subcontractor

Selecting ‘Submit’ will complete the invitation process and take you to the confirmation page.

Confirmation of submission

After submitting your preferred subcontractors’ email address and markets, you will receive a confirmation page stating that your request has been submitted.

This confirmation indicates that an email with a unique URL has been sent to the subcontrtactor requesting them to register for an account.

*Users MUST have an active registered account before being authorized to use the app.

Selecting ‘Back to Home’ will take you to the home page.

Select a user guide to download

Forward Logistics Full Guide

Reverse Logistics Full Guide

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