Completed Returns

Project managers have the ability to review returns that have been completed based on date and time.

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Navigate to Completed Returns

1. Expand ‘Return Management – Monitor’ category.

2. Click on ‘Completed Returns’ from the navigation on the left hand side of the screen.

3. Select the dropdown to switch between markets.

4. Select the filter button to add filters views to the table.

5. Each return represents a return that has been completed by the GC. Select a ‘Return #’ to view return receipt which includes packing slip details.

Return Authorization

1. Select ‘View Authorization’ to see the digital signature of the individual who picked up the material.

2. Export PDF

3. Return Type

4. Return Details

5. If the following do not match, you will see a red ‘X’ to indicate a discrepancy in what was on the return order vs what was physically returned:

View Authorization

After clicking ‘View Authorization’ you will see a pop-up screen that shows the digital signature of the individual who returned the material.