Scheduling a Truck

As a MSL Agent, you have the ability to perform QC functions and create a pallet, if needed.

1. To schedule a pick up for the picks, you will go into the Outbound Trucks menu under GC inventory.

2. Select the schedule load option and this will pull up all authorizations available to ship. Select corresponding auths and select pick-up date along with time. Select submit once completed.

3. You will now be able to view your truck under scheduled status in the same Outbound trucks view

4. Click on the APP ID link, and a pop up will display with options to upload assets and Mark on site. To stage prior to truck arrival, you will need to select the upload assets option.

5. Once successfully captured, you will get a message saying assets are uploaded. Select ok and refresh the page.

6. When the truck arrives, you will go back into the App Id link and select the option to mark on site.

7. If you click on the green “+” next to the Tracking number, you may enter additional information such as Driver contact info, and seal or trailer number

8. Once the shipment is successfully staged, and the truck has been marked on site, and you are ready to deploy, you may click into the App ID link and select the mark departed option.

9. You will get a message confirming the deployment/departure of the truck.

10. The truck will no longer be visible under your scheduled trucks.

11. You can still find the truck under the Completed status option.